A monthly collection of some of the most interesting pieces of the universe.

What is MATTER?

mat·ter • /ˈmadər/ • noun • That which occupies space and possesses rest mass.

 Everything around you is made of matter; some matter is just more interesting. For example, fossils, ferrofluid, and fluorite are all forms of matter with wildly different, fascinating properties. But they are all made of the same elementary particles that make up everything else—just in a special configuration. MATTER is designed to explore this relationship and the infinite possibilities our universe has to offer.


Only about 4% of the universe is made of ordinary matter. This includes every galaxy, everything you've ever touched, and you.

The rest of the universe is made of elusive dark energy and dark matter.


Of that 4%, only about 6% makes up all the stars, planets, and interstellar dust. That's only about 0.3% of the entire universe.

The rest is tied up in non-luminous matter like neutrinos and black holes.


Of that 0.3%, only a tiny bit is accessible on Earth. And most of that matter is in relatively unimpressive forms like air, dirt, and water.

This leaves only an infinitesimal amount of our universe that we are able to experience.

What's in a box?

Every month, we'll ship you a box with an assortment of materials, objects, specimens, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of accessible matter in our universe. Part museum, part lab project, these items will feed your curiosity and help you spark someone else's by learning about matter, collecting matter, and appreciating matter. After all, you are matter.

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