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Item 001: Aerogel


Product Description

Aerogels are a group of materials in which the liquid portion of a gel has been replaced with a gas. It was first created as a result of a bet. This sample consists of 25mL of silica aerogel particles. It is safe to touch, but may leave sticky residue.

• Lightest solid materials known; aerogels are up to 99.98% air.
• Lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid.
• Graphene aerogel is currently the least dense known solid.

• Aerogels make excellent insulators. Silica aerogel insulates the Mars rovers.
• Ultra-strong, bendable aerogels are the lowest-density structural materials ever developed.
• Due to their high porosity, NASA has even used aerogel to collect interstellar dust particles in outer space.

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